We are the UK representatives for sales & service for Beck Automation who are based in Oberengstringen, Switzerland.
Beck Automation are specialist in ‘In Mould Labelling’ and ‘High Speed Take out’ robots and automation for injection moulding.

IML Robots

IML Robots for Pails, containers, lids and trays, which are custom-built, made according to the customer’s need. All systems are designed to be flexible, simple and compact for the family of products manufactured.

Basic IML

A new, standardized IML system for pails up to 30 litres. The robot can handle round, oval and rectangular or square pails with either Full-wrap or two half labels.

Beck Flex IML

Full flexibility in one IML system for inside or outside gates containers, lids or trays, which can be produced at production speeds. The system can be constructed according to customer need and can accomodate up to 6-cavity moulds. High flexibility, production performance in one IML system.

Take Out Robots

Fast side-entry take out for containers, lids & even medical dosing cups with cycle times of less than 2 secs. For single face and stack moulds, with high cavitation. Also includes Vision inspection, sleeve packing and placing stacked parts into the box.

Downstream Handling & Full Packout

Vision inspection, sleeving of stacked parts (vertical or horizontal), & individual automated solutions to the final box.

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